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Crystal Trio | Manifestation + Love + Protection

Crystal Trio | Manifestation + Love + Protection

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The perfect collection! 


Everyone benefits from clear quartz, it is a master healer stone known to magnify intentions and helps with manifesting. The Japanese referred to quartz crystal as the "perfect jewel," believing that it symbolized purity, perseverance, and patience.  Hold the stone in your hand while thinking of what you desire and then put your clear quartz in a special place that you see often. 


Rose quartz is one of the prettiest rocks and is often called the "love stone." It's known to amplify unconditional love; for yourself, friends, family, or partner.


Amethyst is the stone of protection and healing. It's known to help alleviate stress, remove negative energy, provide protection, and help with sleep and relaxation. 

Each crystal varies in size, shape, and was handpicked with love. Set includes an organic cotton Grateful Daily pouch and note about each crystal.