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Gratitude in the Workplace


Having a strong gratitude practice can help make even the most stressful work situations better. When tension is high it's easy to complain or feel negative emotions. I get it and have been there! I've found the best way to get out of a negative mindset is to start cultivating gratitude at work before stressful situations arise. That way, it feels easier to reach for better thoughts and have a better attitude.     

Maybe you can relate? Perhaps you're struggling with a boss or coworker. Or maybe you're over your work and the role you're in. The good news is that you're in control of how you feel and act. Choosing to focus on the good can give you an instant mood boost (really!). Here are some ways you can get started right now.

have to vs. I get to...

Sometimes we all just need to take a moment to reflect on what we're thankful for about our current job. Without this position would you still have a roof over your head or food to eat? Don't give in to the negative energy that creeps in when thinking about work.

Instead, think of it as you HAVE to go to work, reframe it as you GET to go to work, you GET to earn a paycheck, you GET to support yourself or your family. Changing your perspective from having to do something to getting to do something feels empowering. Show up and do the work knowing that you worked hard to get here, and it's all good.

grateful for work

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Working Together

We've all worked with someone we don't like, but that doesn't mean it's got to ruin our day or attitude. Trust that there is good in everyone, even the person you really don't like. 

When working on a team, know that everyone can add value. I've noticed that my strength may be someone else's weakness, and my weakness is their strength. When I realize that I've been focusing on someone else's contribution (or lack thereof), I redirect my energy to see the big picture, identify what and how I'm going to contribute, and aim to add value in a positive, productive way. This helps our team be successful and I feel better in the process. 

gratitude at work

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Say Thank You, and Mean It

Regardless of title, position, tenure, expressing genuine gratitude for the people around you is always a good idea. Thank your coworkers or team for their help on a project, or for something they said or did that made your day better. Tell your boss that you appreciate them for something that made your job easier. The key here is to be genuine and do it often. This will not only make you feel better, but helps to create a positive work environment that can decrease turnover, increase promotions, and develop new ideas to help your company grow. 


grateful team

The simple act of giving thanks and showing appreciation is so easily lost when it comes to the office. Focus on bringing your best self to the office and cultivate gratitude at work. It will make the good times better and the hard times less stressful. We're all in this together! Onwards and upwards, Grateful Daily. 

How do you practice gratitude at work? Let us know in the comments! 


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