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Questions? We've got answers.


Where are you located?
Los Angeles, California.


Who makes the candles?
All candles are hand poured in small batches in Los Angeles, California.

What are your candles made of?
We use organic, sustainably grown soy wax grown in the USA, fine fragrance oils, and a cotton wick for a clean, slow burn. We don't use any additives or paraffin.

What’s the burn time for one of your candles?
Burn time depends on many factors. However, under ideal conditions and proper use, our candles will burn up to the following times:

16oz candle: 60+ hours
8oz candle: 40+ hours

How can I make my candle last longer?
To ensure a good, clean burn with your candles, the first burn is the most important. Avoid extinguishing the candle until the wax pool that forms close to the wick almost reaches the outer edge of the candle, typically about 3-4 hours. Then, blow it out and let it set. 

Trim wick before a new burn. Extinguish the flame, let the candle wax cool, then trim the wick to 1/8 of inch before relighting. 

For best results, don't burn candles in windy areas or near drafts, this will make the wax evaporate more quickly and speed up the burn time.

Can I reuse the container?
Absolutely! Warm it in the microwave about 10 seconds... remove once cool enough to handle and wipe excess wax and wick base away. Wash your jar with soap and warm water or use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to get the container squeaky clean!

I burned my candle but I'm not satisfied. Can I exchange it or get a refund?
We want you to love your purchase. Please contact us with your concerns and we'll make it right.


Do you host workshops? 
Yes! Email michelle (at) gratefuldaily (dot) com to plan your event!


When will my order ship?
Your order will typically ship within 1-2 days of purchase date. If placed on a Friday or over the weekend, we will ship orders on Monday.

What if something I ordered arrived damaged?
We're sorry about that! Contact us & we'll help you out.

We love partnering with boutiques! We also create custom candles for events and weddings. Please contact us to learn more.