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How Do You Unwind?

There’s no better feeling than unwinding at the end of a long day or week. Letting go of responsibilities and disconnecting from social media is something we all need to pencil in to our schedules.

There’s a few ways I like to unwind after a long day at work.  For some, unwinding may consist of a glass of wine with a face mask on. I’m a simple girl – I love a good candle and playlist.

It truly satisfies my soul when I get a chance to light a candle or sage my house with music playing in the background – TV off, phones down and ears open. This is a favorite of mine because it allows my fiance and I to have a mini digital detox. How crazy is it that we get so lost in technology that having a real uninterrupted conversation with another person is so refreshing?

Now if we’re talking real “me, myself and I” unwinding… bring out all the face creams, peel-off masks and oils! These kinds of days or nights are special treat. I don’t always have the time to give my skin the attention it needs -- I’m grateful for the moments where I’m able to squeeze in some self-love!  

We get so caught up in work and social media during the week that the simple act of doing nothing has become a gift – at least for me! How do you like to unwind from a long day or week? 

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