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Scent Satchels

Scent Satchels

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These all-natural air fresheners bring good smells to small spaces like closets, dresser/desk drawers, and cars. The scent lasts for months!

  • Sandalwood Vanilla¬†is a grounding and woody scent with a¬†slightly sweet finish.
  • Santal is a rich and sophisticated scent that smells like leather, tobacco, and sandalwood.
  • Rose¬†combines rose fragrance, essential oils, and organic mini roses to create the most natural rose scent we've ever smelled. A customer favorite!
  • Moon Milk smells like jasmine, gardenia, coconut, and peach. Out of this world.
  • Lavender is a calming blend of lavender essential oils and organic lavender buds. Try this satchel in your pillow to relax and drift off to dreamland.

        Vegan and Nontoxic
        Biodegradable vegetable base and high-quality oils
        Not recommended for use on wood, plastic, or painted surfaces